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 Combat Arms (2009)

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Mesaj Sayısı : 30
Kayıt tarihi : 28/08/09
Yaş : 23
Nerden : Manisa/Merkez

MesajKonu: Combat Arms (2009)   Cuma Ağus. 28, 2009 2:01 pm

Combat Arms (2009)

A highly-customizable, free-to-play online FPS, Combat Arms deploys players into a dangerous war zone teeming with soldiers of fortune looking to make a mark.

This online shooter aims to advance the FPS genre by offering a rich free-to-play experience and introducing customization features unavailable in the current generation of online FPS games. Players have the ability to tailor their gaming experience by customizing how their characters look as well as which guns and equipment to carry into battle. A large arsenal of deadly weapons can be modified with attachments such as silencers, scopes and extended magazines.

Type of publication : license
Language : English only
Size : 438 MB
Password : CombatArms.EPIDEM.RU.part1.rar CombatArms.EPIDEM.RU.part2.rar CombatArms.EPIDEM.RU.part3.rar CombatArms.EPIDEM.RU.part4.rar CombatArms.EPIDEM.RU.part5.rar

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Combat Arms (2009)
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